Amelia Island

Having consistently ranked as a Top 10 US Island,  Amelia Island (named after British King George II’s  daughter, Princess Amelia) is located in Florida’s northeastern corner, 30 miles north of Jacksonville, Florida.

The island is a part of the Sea Islands chain of barrier islands.

With a history of being under Spanish, French, British and American rule, Amelia Island is rich with fun areas to explore.  (Find many not commonly know Amelia Island Facts HERE.)

Amelia Island is now know for its beautiful resorts, accommodations, many golf courses and sandy beaches.

Amelia Islands Things To Do 😎

Amelia Island Golf  is rated in Links Magazine’s “Top 25” of Golf Islands  Worldwide,  Amelia Island’s Golf is truly 1st class.

Beaches , swimming, boating, fishing, museums and state parks are just a few of the many things to do on Amelia Island.  Here are a few of the fun things to do on the Island.