About Us

LoveFloridaBeaches.com is a family like many, with a passion for spending quality time at the beach.  We have spent countless amounts of time at many different Florida beaches, with each holding special memories, for different reasons. 

Being passionate about these beaches, our times there were never enough. We definitely did not want to leave.  Sound familiar?  😎

So we hope to offer a place to share that passion, with as many other beach minded people as possible.

Florida Beach Life

Here we want to pursue our passion for Florida Beaches by exploring as many as possible.  Finding out as much as we can about what makes each unique.

While at the same time, hearing the personal likes of different families & friends as to what they see as their favorite Florida Beach.  Giving you a place to share & “Show the love” to YOUR beach.

What are your Where & Why for that beach of choice? 😎

All in a family friendly environment, without gripes or complaints.  There are plenty of places/sites to express shortcomings, or bad experiences.

LoveFloridaBeaches.com is a place to celebrate that which we love in a beach, not that which we dislike.  Here we will stir the memories and get us all revved up to get back to the beach!!

So Have Fun! It’s The Beach!  😎

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