Many generations of families and friends have enjoyed the excitement and relaxation of fun times at the many beaches that the Florida coastlines offer.

Like so many, it was and still is a time our family looks forward to.  It’s a time to set the busy world on hold for a while, whether for a day, a week or more and make lifetime memories with the ones who mean so much to us.

Soooo Many Choices

The Florida Keys to the far south divides the states Atlantic Ocean Beaches to its east, and the Gulf of Mexico Beaches on its west.

According to the Florida Public Service Commission, Florida has 1,197 miles of coastline which includes 663 miles of beaches to choose from.  

Each beach has it’s own reasoning for being a favorite to different people.  A place that holds a special place in your heart.

Where & Why??

This is a place for people to share Where their favorite Florida Beach is. 

Why is this THE Florida Beach for you?  

THE beach Where you long to return to again and again.  

A place to enjoy your beach memories, as well as those of other fellow beach lovers.

What are their Where & Why’s.  Maybe even pick up a new curiosity, for a future new beach to visit.

We would love for you to send a few pictures (family friendly), with descriptions/reasons  Why your Where is THE beach to go to.  

Show YOUR Florida Beach some Love  😎

We at will also look into the many great Florida Beaches ourselves, add some pictures & have fun exploring them as well.

Please note, this is not a place to post dislikes or gripes.  There are plenty of review sites that offer a place for that.

We want to be filled with helpful, interesting information and the sharing of great memories.

 So Have Fun! It’s The Beach!   


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